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About Sarap Sustansya Caravan

The MAGGI Sarap Sustansya Caravan is an initiative to train and empower mothers to prepare tasty, nutritious, budget-friendly meals for their families.

Moms are guided in proper nutrition, food safety and cooking methods through different modules.

During the five-day program, led by MAGGI's Chef-Nutritionist tandem, moms participate in intensive lecture discussions, cooking demonstrations and hands-on exercises on cooking techniques for top dishes in the country.

Sarap Sustansya Champions who have experienced the five-day program are called to share the lessons they've learned with fellow mothers. They also go through a Train the Trainers program to equip them to share kitchen and nutrition tips with other moms in the community.

The Sarap Sustansya Caravan is slated to conduct a series of community tours nationwide in the next years.