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Ian Surprises with Sinigang a la Veneracion

CELEBRITIPS / Oct 21, 2016

Actor. Painter. Pianist. Outdoorsman. Family Man. More than just being a looker, Ian Veneracion's many hidden talents has turned him into TV's man of endless surprises. And just when we thought we've seen it all, he surprises us yet with another side of himself.

Here are a few of his tweaks to turn the classic sinigang into something as surprising as he is.

Pay attention the the slightest details. Kahit sabaw, dapat may dating. Kaya instead of plain water...

Use Rice Water! AKA pinaghugasan ng bigas. Add it towards the end of the cooking. It give the broth a bit of character, and adds some nutrients, as well!

Mas ramdam ang pagmamahal mo kapag may effort. Parang yung gabi sa sinigang. Imbis na hiwain lang...

Mash it! Simmer gabi with the other ingredients, then mash it into the soup once it’s tender.

Sinigang is best served fresh off the stove. I like bringing the heat a notch higher. Imbis na lagyan lang ng finger chili…

Split it! Turn up the heat by splitting them finger chili open before adding to the broth.

Surprises come in unexpected places. The same goes for my pork sinigang! I add this ingredient to take the meaty taste to a whole new level...

Pork bones! Choose meat cuts that include bone and skin. They lend a new level of meatiness to the dish.

Make the flavor more surprising! In the case of sinigang, yung pampaasim! Instead of sampalok, try something like...

MAGGI Sinigang Green Mango Surprise! It adds a surprising twist to pork sinigang. For shrimp, there’s MAGGI Sinigang Pineapple Surprise!


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