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Not all Soy Sauces are the Same

HEALTH & NUTRITION / Jun 30, 2016

You most probably have used Soy Sauce before; you might’ve even used Soy Sauce just this morning! This versatile condiment is commonly used for marinating, cooking and even as a dipping sauce. But how much do you really know about your Soy Sauce? 

Today, soy sauce can be manufactured chemically or artificially, causing it to lack that natural Soy Sauce flavor. To achieve that true soy taste, Soy Sauce has to be made the traditional way using select ingredients, without chemical flavoring or additives, and following a long and strict process: 

Preparing the Main Ingredient


To really get that natural soy flavor, millions of the freshest soy beans are selected from the farm. After being thoroughly cleaned, they are then softened through boiling, ready for mixing with the other raw ingredients. 

Mixing and Fermentation

Natural Soy Sauce isn’t just boiled; it’s brewed. To do this, the boiled soy beans are mixed with wheat and yeast (A. Oryzae Rhizopaht Niger). The mixture is then fermented in clay jars for as long as 3 months to make sure the inherent flavors of soy come out. 

Separation and the Finished Product

Once the mixture is properly fermented, a thick sludge is formed, which is then squeezed through layers of fabric by applying tons of pressure. The result: raw soy sauce. But it doesn’t stop there; the raw soy sauce is filtered and pasteurized to make sure it is in its purest and safest form. It is then stored, bottled and ready for the kitchen! 

Knowing the quality of your Soy Sauce

Every step of the soy sauce-making process is necessary in order to arrive to that soy-natural, refined Soy Sauce. Naturally fermented Soy Sauce has that delightful blend of saltiness, sweetness and linamnam. One way to tell if your Soy Sauce is high-quality is by checking for residue at the bottom of the bottle. If it’s high-quality, it’s LATAK-less; so you can serve tastier meals every day that are simply good for the family!

Remember: not all Soy Sauces are the same. Check your bottle and see the LATAK-less difference! 

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Pork Adobo

Creamy Chicken Adobo



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