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The Ins and Outs of Making Fried Fish Better

HOW-TOS / Feb 22, 2017

Fried fish is a staple in any Pinoy household and is surely a delicious and budget-friendly dish to prepare for your family. Though it may seem simple to prepare – just fry it and you’re done – there are little tricks you can learn to turn from good to great. How do you get that golden brown skin? How do you get rid of that fishy smell? How do you make it more flavorful and tasty? Well, here are the tricks for that perfect friend fish!

The Hot Pan Plan

One big problem when frying fish is having the skin stick to the pan. A quick trick for this is to get your pan extra extra hot! Let your pan sit on medium to high heat before you start frying.

Dry It Up and Oil It Down

Another trick so that your fish’s skin doesn’t stick is to dry it very well before you start frying. Patting it down with a paper towel should do the trick.

Right when you’re about to fry, make sure your pan is coated with a good amount of oil. If it’s smoking, then it’s time for cooking!

Press Once, Flip Once

Put your fish skin down when you’re about to cook. It will tend to fold in and that’s the time to press. Just press it down once to flatten it out so the whole fish gets cooked evenly.

Wait for the sides to start to brown then flip! Don’t keep flipping back and forth. Just wait and flip it around once.

Tanggal Lansa Technique

To get rid of that fishy smell, use MAGGI Magic Isda! It has real ginger, calamansi, and other fresh ingredients that will get rid of that lansa smell as you cook!

Nuot Sarap

With MAGGI Magic Isda, the delicious flavors will seep into your fish for a tastier, more flavorful, nuot sarap goodness.

Golden Brown Goodness

MAGGI Magic Isda also give you that great golden brown crispy skin finish! With that crisp crunch when you bite in.

Real Ingredients = Real Goodness

Because MAGGI Magic Isda has real ginger, calamansi, and other fresh ingredients, your fried fish will definitely the be tastier and more flavorful. For best results, use one sachet with half a kilo of fish. Go and budbod that MAGGI Magic Isda!

Here are a couple of fried fish dishes you can try to test out your new fried fish cooking tricks!

Fried Tilapia

The all-time classic Filipino favorite fried fish! Simple but oh so sarap! Click here for the recipe

Daing na Bangus

Level up your usual bangus with this delicious twist! Click here for the recipe

Fried Pampano

Surprise your family with this unique fish! They’ll never see it coming! Click here for the recipe

Fried Maya-maya

You won’t get tired of preparing this scrumptious dish over and over! Click here for the recipe


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