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Prep For The New Year With These Lucky Ball-Shaped Bites

SEASONS & OCCASIONS / Dec 16, 2016

A New Year means a fresh start for all of us. New Year resolutions are made, new goals are set, and new opportunities are opened up. But of course, here in the Philippines, there are certain New Year traditions that are done to make the coming year a prosperous one. One of which are round objects.

Believed to bring good fortune, round objects are scattered all over the house or gifted to relatives as a symbol of continuous flow of prosperity. So why not do it with food as well! Let’s just say you need some luck and good fortune inside and out. Here are a couple of Ball-Shaped Bites for you to prepare for your New Year celebration! Let the good fortune fill your tummies!


Great things come in small packages! Just like the goodness packed into each of these little spheres of yumminess! See the recipe

Sweet& Sour Bola Bola

A classic savory favorite to bring in the good luck this New Year! See the recipe

Tom Yum Meatballs

A bowl of this will surely keep you warm and help you settle in for the good fortune to come in the New Year! See the recipe


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