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Budget Meal Buddies

SEASONS & OCCASIONS / Mar 14, 2017

Sometimes, you just got to have some go-to recipes that’s easy on the wallet but maxed out on the goodness. The trick is to pick the right ingredients that deliver the best taste and have the best value for your money. MAGGI Magic Sarap helps you out in the taste department as it’s natural ingredients make each dish more flavorful and, in turn, delight your entire family!

So for your budget-friendly food ideas, here are a couple of recipes you can try out yourself! Remember, it doesn’t always have to be expensive to be delicious.

Chicken Fingers

This is a sure hit for kids! Just make sure you pair it with a good kind of sauce or dip! Click here to see the recipe

Corned Beef Rice

A savory dish that’s truly filling! Having fried rice is a good way to stretch your budget! Click here to view the recipe

Munggo Guisado

You can’t go wrong with this traditional dish! Cook ‘em up without spending a lot! Click here to see the recipe


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