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Your freshly cooked meals are always the best, mars! But when you cook too much, leftovers are unavoidable. No need to worry! As long as you know how to make the best use of your ref and food containers, you won’t just be avoiding waste, you’ll have baon ready for your family, too! Just follow these tips:

Container tips:

·       It helps to label your container. Include when you placed food in it and up to when it can be eaten.

·       Having containers exclusively for food helps avoid cross contamination; best if they’re airtight because food will last longer!

·       Don’t forget, washing the container every time you change its contents also helps prevent contamination.

Ref tips:

·       Cooked food stored properly in the ref is good for 3-4 days.

·       Storing cooked food on upper shelves, above raw food, prevents the drippings of raw food from contaminating your cooked food.

·       Ref care tips: clean often, don’t overload, and close properly!

Always remember the First In, First Out policy—whatever you stored first must be the one you eat first. And trust your senses, mars! If you find food that changes appearance, smell or taste, throw it out! These changes are caused by bacteria, and could cause spoilage. Simply follow these tips to make sure your leftovers are always safe for your family.

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