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Nestlé Statement on false reports about MAGGI Magic Sarap

February 05, 2016

We are urging the public to be vigilant by verifying stories being circulated online.

THERE IS NO TRUTH to unfounded stories that continue to circulate on social media claiming that MAGGI MAGIC SARAP has been banned in the United States allegedly due to cardiovascular health problems and other related diseases attributed to the product's ingredients.

Unique Facts, a site that compiles what are supposedly unique facts from around the world has already acknowledged that the story that was originally published on its site on August 6, 2015 was untrue. See related link for reference:

The US, like many other countries, regulates food products brought into its territory without proper import registration, most especially if these products contain meat. MAGGI MAGIC SARAP, which contains chicken meat and fat, is not registered for importation in the US and is thus subject to standard US customs regulations, whether it is hand-carried in small quantities or brought in larger amounts that suggest the intent to resell for commercial purposes. 

The safety and quality of our products and the welfare of our consumers are always the top priorities for us at Nestlé. We assure our consumers that Nestlé maintains the highest quality standards for its products. MAGGI MAGIC SARAP has passed The Philippine Food and Drug Administration standards and is safe for consumption.

For reference and guidance, please refer to the earlier released Nestlé statement on this issue:


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