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Moms vs. Undernutrition

September 08, 2015

Lack of nutrition is a major problem in the Philippines. With 1 in every 3 Filipino kids undernourished, the moms who cook for each household need to understand the importance of proper nutrition. But moms often find it difficult to give their children enough of the best food to meet their nutritional needs.

That’s why the MAGGI Sarap Sustansya Caravan made it its mission to help moms solve the most common problems that get in the way of their kids’ nutrition. In each event, moms are taught how to cook a variety of healthy recipes for their families even with a tight budget. When the Sarap Sustansya Caravan visits a community, moms are more than willing to learn how to cook up happiness in the kitchen.

One problem is the lack of information about nutrition. A lot of moms don’t even know if their kids lack nutrition. But when moms were asked what they learned after experiencing the Sarap Sustansya Caravan, they immediately mentioned the value of proper nutrition. “Ang mga aral na babaunin namin ‘yung nutrition na iluluto namin para sa mga pamilya namin, mga anak namin,” said Nanay Mary Ann of Brgy. Sto. Nino.

Another is the lack of variety in the diets of kids, especially the challenge of including vegetables! When moms don’t know how to make their kids like vegetables, giving them proper nutrition becomes much more difficult. As Nanay Ernita of Brgy. Sto. Nino put it, “Ang aking naging problema, although masarap ako magluto, ay ‘yung gulay.”

And of course, there’s the hurdle of a limited budget. Moms have to use the best of their diskarte to get by. Like Nanay Mary Ann from Brgy. Dela Pena said, “lahat ng pagbubudget gagawin mo para makamenos.”

With all these problems, the MAGGI Sarap Sustansya Caravan is there to guide these moms. With the goal of spreading happiness in every kitchen, MAGGI has
partnered up with moms they can take an active role in their kid’s nutrition.

So come on, mom. Join the Sarap Sustansya Caravan!

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