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Feed 6 People for a Day with P300

September 08, 2015

Moms from Barangay Sta. Elena experience the MAGGI® Sarap Sustansya Caravan where they learned several new ways to cook up healthy and balanced meals for their family. With the help of Chef Erik Magtanong, mothers all over the barangay were taught new recipes and cooking techniques to make them even better household chefs. The different modules shared during the caravan were designed to encourage moms, and even their kids, in cooking nutritious dishes and eating well balanced meals.

The culmination of all the modules led up to the Meal Planning Challenge Exercise where moms were put to the test. With their newfound knowledge on cooking, nutrition, and new recipes, they were tasked with preparing food for an entire day for a family of six. And if that isn’t challenging enough, they also had to plan everything within a P300 budget! That’s P300 for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and all the way to dinner.

Before the mothers were sent out on their task, they were given consultation courses on their meal plan by the caravan’s nutritionists. The nutritionists gave them sample meal plans that the moms could use for the challenge. They then headed out to the community market to start buying the ingredients they need – fresh vegetables, meat, spices, and the like. Once they were all set, it was time to hit the kitchen and cook up their meals. Chef Erik was there to guide them from the preparation, the cooking process, as well as the plating and presentation of their meals.

Of course the challenge didn’t stop there; moms presented their meals to Chef Erik for tasting and constructive feedback on how they can improve their meals.

The Meal Planning Challenge Exercise was definitely a great way for the mothers of Barangay Sta. Elena to put their new skills and knowledge to the test. Everyone enjoyed the activities and was now ready to apply what they learned in their own households!

You can check out one sample of the meal plans they prepared down below!



Fried Fish

Fried Rice

Hot Milk


Pork Sinigang

Steamed Rice



Egg Sandwich



Steamed Rice

Ripe Melon

So watch out for the next Sarap Sustansya Caravan! It may be heading to your barangay next!

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