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MAGGI’s Taste & Balance Champions are Making Little Sprinkles of Happiness across Metro Manila

August 11, 2016

The Sarap Sustansya Caravan, a program that teaches Filipino moms how to prepare delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly meals, is at it again! Since the program began in 2014, thousands of Filipino moms have already experienced cooking up magic with MAGGI®.

MAGGI® knows the importance of making sure every Filipino family is given proper nutrition from healthy and delightful meals. That’s why the brand is committed to empowering moms with the necessary kitchen skills. Through a quick yet focused series of lectures and hands-on workshops, the Sarap Sustansya Caravan was able to teach moms how to prepare weekly meals given a specific budget, cook tasty and well-balanced dishes, and learn new cooking techniques from MAGGI’s in-house chef, Erik Magtanong!

All moms who participated became Taste and Balance champions at the end of the program. As Taste and Balance champions, their task is to spread what they learned to everyone in the community. Their goal is to spread not just healthy and nutritious cooking in every household, but to help moms make their dishes delicious, too! More and more families are eating better meals thanks to the Taste and Balance Champions—so they’re not only leading healthier lifestyles, they’re enjoying great food moments at home.

The Sarap Sustansya Caravan is just getting warmed up! Who knows, maybe your barangay will be the next stop! This just goes to show that we don’t always need a big bang to make a huge impact—just look at how little sprinkles of happiness with MAGGI® can go a long way! All it takes is some help from the experts, and a strong group of moms who are ready and willing to become Taste and Balance champs—

and to spread the magic of tasty, balanced and budget-friendly meals, not just within their families but throughout their communities.


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